Witter Fixed Swan Neck Towbar

Product Code: VW52CS
  • Drawbar Load [kg] - 100
  • Towed Weight [kg] - 1500
  • Towbar system - Witter Fixed Swan Neck Towbar
  • Bumper cut-out - Invisible cut-out
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£ 131.42
The swan neck towbar design is generally perceived as more slick but no additional accessories can be installed. Most towball mounted bike carriers are suitable for this type of towbar but be aware that this means that you cannot tow at the same time. Due to its less intrusive design this type of towbar is less likely to set off parking sensors when your car is not in towing mode. The towbar neck of this Witter towbar type can be upgraded to a Witter detachable neck.
Ball height unladed [in mm] 420
Ball height laded [in mm] 370
D-Value [kN] 9.9
Drawbar Load [kg] 100
Towed Weight [kg] 1500
Bumper cut Dimension [in mm] 85 x 140
Towbar system Witter Fixed Swan Neck Towbar
Drilling required? No
Towball included Yes
Bumper cut-out Invisible cut-out
Bumper removal requirement Yes
Installation time, up to (in mins.) 90
Installation from (in mins.) 60
Test Mark 55R-01 11109
Weight [kg] 21.3
PDF link fitting instruction https://tz.witter-towbars.co.uk/uMedia/FittingInstructions/VW52CS.pdf

13 Pins Wiring Kit Vehicle-specific


You will need a 13-pin Vehicle Specific Electrics kit for towing a caravan because it provides all of the legal lighting requirements for towing, as well as powering the electrics inside your caravan. Most caravans, manufactured after January 2009, will have 13-pin electrics and will also connect to your reverse lights whilst providing a full power supply inside your caravan.

What can a 13-pin electric socket power?

  • Left indicator
  • Right indicator
  • Taillights
  • Fog lights
  • Brake lights
  • Reverse lights
  • Caravan electrics (inside)

*Our dedicated wiring kits synchronise perfectly with your car’s electrical system and, depending on how sophisticated your car is, turn signal failure could also be activated by your vehicle’s warning system. You might need a software update to activate additional benefits and safety features. You may need to pay an additional fee for the software update.


I've already purchased a wiring kit


If you've already purchased a matching wiring kit, then please select this option. It is a legal requirement to have a wiring kit installed when using a towbar. Failure to install a matching wiring kit can lead to a £5000 fine and six points on your licence.

Witter Fixed Swan Neck Towbar
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