For the journey...

Born and bred in a small cottage in Chester, Witter stepped in when the days of buying towbars from blacksmiths were over. As more families were turning to camping and caravan holidays, the demand for towbars increased. Therefore, Witter began designing and engineering high quality towbars which grew in popularity amongst the general public.

Witter Bike Racks and Carriers

Witter bike racks are simple to use and make it easy for you to carry bikes for all of the family. Offering a variety of racks to suit different budgets and functionalities, Witter bike racks can accommodate regular bikes, road bikes or mountain bikes, and can be installed on your vehicle in less than 15 minutes.

Witter Towbars

With a Witter towbar you can make the most of your vehicle, your free time and explore the beautiful countryside. Whether you are camping, caravanning or attending a festival or horse show, Witter has a variety of towbars which can accommodate your leisure needs. You could also add value and functionality to a commercial vehicle by increasing the carrying capacity with a towbar.


About Witter Towbar Systems

Witter have become the go-to guys for all of your towing needs and have adapted to make it easy for you to take your bikes and luggage along for the ride.

With Witter, you can pack the trailer, hook up the caravan or load up your bikes with ease and wave goodbye to boring weekends. Make the most of precious time you have with your friends and family by enhancing your vehicle with Witter vehicle accessories. Once you have a towbar or roof bars fitted, you can plan exciting camping holidays or wild bike rides to create memories which will last forever.

If you are piling into the car for a long weekend away, make sure you have enough space to pack and keep the family comfortable for the journey. By enhancing your car with Witter, you can unlock a world of adventure to explore with friends, family and pets and make sure you are never short on space again.