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Do you need a roof rack or a roof box?

When you need to transport lots of equipment, for business or pleasure, a little bit of space goes a long way. With so much empty space available on top of your vehicle, it is easy to make the most out of it by adding a roof rack or roof box.

If you need to increase the carrying capacity of your vehicle, utilising roof storage is the perfect solution. The best roof rack or roof box for you will depend on the make, model and size of your vehicle and the amount of storage space you have available. A roof rack could be better suited to commercial vehicles whereas you may benefit more from a roof box for personal or leisure use.

Benefits of a roof rack: Roof Rack
Easy to install
Easy to load
High quality
Benefits of a roof box: Roof Box
Weather proof
Lockable to secure your luggage
Sleek and stylish
Aerodynamic design
High quality

Our roof rack brands

Van Guard specialise in quality commercial van accessories and all of their products are made in Britain. Van Guard roof racks are high quality and made from lightweight aluminium which makes them easy to install and increases aerodynamics when on the road. Van Guard’s founders had backgrounds in aircraft engineering and took their first order for ladder racks in 1990 before proceeding to invent rear window grills.

The dedicated team of designers and engineers have developed easy to assemble roof racks with a simple click and lock, which replaces nuts and bolts when you are fitting the side rails. Van Guard roof racks for vans have undergone rigorous safety testing to ensure they are certified and accredited to industry standards to keep you and your equipment safe on the road.

Our roof box brands

Maypole roof boxes are sleek and stylish. They come in a number of sizes which can help you to carry bulky luggage or sports equipment such as skis or snowboards. Roof boxes fit straight onto your roof bars to provide a secure space for additional luggage.

Since 1969, Maypole have been crafting automotive and leisure products to accompany your adventures. With a Maypole roof box, you can make your passengers more comfortable and make the most of the extra space of your roof.

Good to know

The ULTI Rack from Van Guard is considered to be ‘The Ultimate Van Rack’ and comes in a range of sizes so they are specific to your vehicle. The number of bars depends on your vehicle, so it’s important that you choose the exact specifications of your vehicle to ensure a perfect fit.

A roof rack with raised side rails is almost like a basket, with many bars for you to attach cargo nets or ratchet straps to secure your luggage. Roof racks are highly functional as they provide the space for you to carry oddly shaped luggage, such as sports or camping equipment, bulky containers and construction equipment.

Before you install a roof box, first you will need to install roof bars onto your vehicle. Roof boxes are secure and weather proof so your luggage is likely to remain dry and stay safer than it would on a roof rack or basket. Roof boxes could be better suited to family holidays, leisure activities and for personal use rather than for commercial or business use.