For the journey...

Westfalia have been reinventing the family holiday since 1844. It all began in a blacksmiths shop, established by Johann Bernhard Knöbel, which laid the foundations for Westfalia’s success. Credited as the inventors of the towbar with towball in 1932, Westfalia is renowned for high quality inventions which enhance your holidays, whilst putting safety first.

Westfalia Bike Racks and Carriers

Westfalia bike racks are easy to install, easy to use and easy to store. Westfalia has developed their bike racks with customer needs in mind, so the result of their innovative designs are simple and convenient products. Their bike racks are easy to install by mounting onto your towbar and have been tested extensively to guarantee safety and high quality.

Westfalia Towbars

When you choose a Westfalia towbar, you are choosing outstanding quality, maximum safety and unlimited innovation. Offering you the ability to drive through the countryside or travel through Europe with your trailer or caravan, Westfalia helps you make extra space for passengers and end the complaints of not having enough room. Designed with style and function in mind, Westfalia towbars are perfectly engineered to suit your vehicle.


About Westfalia Automotive

As well as producing the first towball, Westfalia also began converting vans into holiday homes in the 1950’s. The infamous VW camper is the result of a British officers wish to transform a transit van into a hotel on wheels and the introduction of motorhomes has transformed the way we holiday.

Not only have motorhomes heightened the lives of travellers, without the towbar and towball camping trips could be far more difficult and nowhere near as safe. Westfalia towbars are designed to match the exact make and model of your vehicle with specific wiring to sync up perfectly with your electrical system.

With quality and safety at the forefront, Westfalia is dedicated to reliable towing and memorable travels. Whilst towing with a Westfalia towbar, you can relax with the reassurance that safety comes first and your passengers can travel the continent in comfort with the extra space for packing in a trailer or caravan. First choice for car manufacturers and the world’s leading manufacturer in towbars, with Westfalia, quality, innovation and lasting memories are guaranteed.