About Us

Ixplor was born from the desire to provide our customers with automotive accessories from leading manufacturers, all in one place. We specialise in all things towing, so we teamed up with market-leading brands to bring you high quality and reliable products for all of your towing needs.

When you add a towbar to your vehicle, the possibilities are endless. You could tow a trailer, a caravan, carry your bikes or even tow a horsebox to compete in shows around the country. Small enhancements to your vehicle could make big differences to your adventures, allowing you to travel further, for longer, when you can take more equipment.

In addition to supplying towbars, Ixplor also supply the perfect bike rack as well as roof bars, roof boxes and a number of accessories to personalise your vehicle to suit your every need. Whether you are looking for a new towbar, an electrical kit or even a dash cam, Ixplor has made it simple and convenient for you to purchase individual automotive items all in one place.

Expand your carrying capacity, enhance the capabilities of your vehicle and take your holidays to the next level with Ixplor.