Westfalia Detachable Towbar (vertical) (A40V)

Product Code: 307522600001
  • Towbar system - Westfalia Detachable Towbar (vertical) (A40V)
  • Bumper cut-out - No cut-out
  • Towed Weight [kg] - 1200
  • Drawbar Load [kg] - 75
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The vertically detachable towbar from Westfalia-Automotive enjoys great popularity in line with the increasing trend toward sleek vehicle design. When the tow ball neck is detached, the towbar is completely out of sight. This version is definitely recommended for vehicles with parking assistance. The tow ball neck is inserted in the receiver tube from below.
Towbar system Westfalia Detachable Towbar (vertical) (A40V)
Bumper cut-out No cut-out
D-Value [kN] 8.3
Installation time, up to (in mins.) 60
Towed Weight [kg] 1200
Drawbar Load [kg] 75
Inspection Tag 55R-01 0686
Installation from (in mins.) 30
Weight [kg] 19

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If you've already purchased a matching wiring kit, then please select this option. It is a legal requirement to have a wiring kit installed when using a towbar. Failure to install a matching wiring kit can lead to a £5000 fine and six points on your licence.

Westfalia Detachable Towbar (vertical) (A40V)
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