Ego Enduro Caravan Mover

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The Ego Enduro Caravan Mover can fit twin and single axle caravans and come with 2 motors which can safely move a caravan with a weight of up to 2250kg. If your caravan is more than 2250kg we recommend to have 4 motors fitted as this will provide additional power to move the caravan quickly and safely. This can be upgraded at a later date and is the only mover on the market that can be added to later.

Please note these movers do not fit the Penine folding campers.

When facing a tricky pitch, a motor mover can save you time, hassle, embarrassment and car clutch wear. Simply unhook the caravan and move it solo onto the tight spot with the remote-control handset.

Likewise, if you store your caravan in a tight spot at home (often right for enhanced security), a mover will speed up the process and make it possible! Many also allow a caravan to be turned very tightly (almost within its own ‘footprint’) which would be impossible with your car. Use them to point your caravan’s hitch away from the road, so that a thief can’t access it. The majority of steep driveways also pose no challenge to this quality mover.

Further more, the Ego Enduro movers are also sensitive enough to position the caravan hitch over your towbar for hitching, without risking any damage to your car’s bumper and they are also recommended by the Caravan club
Product title Ego Enduro Caravan Mover