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Discover new adventures when you add a towbar to your Mercedes-Benz from Ixplor.

Designed, developed and tested to highest standards of engineering excellence, the Mercedes-Benz towbars we supply include fixed flange, detachable flange, fixed swan neck and detachable swan neck towbars. With Ixplor, you are sure to find a towbar which ticks all the boxes.

By installing a towbar, you could enjoy family camping or caravan holidays, horse shows, festivals or bike rides around Europe. When you add a towbar to your Mercedes-Benz the possibilities are endless.

Finding Mercedes-Benz towbars is super easy. All you need to do is enter your vehicle registration and we will show you the most suitable towbars for your vehicle.

Find the best towbar for Mercedes-Benz and equip your vehicle for new experiences.