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Caravan Motor Movers: The Definitive Guide

Caravan Motor Movers: The Definitive Guide

When facing a tricky pitch, a caravan motor mover can save you time, hassle, embarrassment and clutch wear.

But if this is the first time you’ve heard of a caravan motor mover, you will probably find them a little overwhelming.

No doubt you’re thinking:

“Do I really need a caravan motor mover? How does a caravan motor mover work? How do I fit a caravan motor mover?”

That’s why we’ve created this complete guide to caravan motor movers.

Taking you step-by-step through the world of motor movers, this guide will make you an expert in using a caravan motor mover.

What is a caravan motor mover?

A caravan motor mover is a small mechanical tool which bolts to the chassis of the caravan and allows you to easily move the caravan without any physical work. The caravan mover will come with a small remote control that will allow you to manoeuvre the caravan in and out of the tightest of spots.

How do caravan motor movers work?

Caravan motor movers are really quite simple.

First, you bolt the motor mover to the chassis of the caravan ensuring the driving rollers are engaged with the caravan tyres.

From there, you will operate the caravan mover using a small remote control. The remote control will be used to drive the rollers of the caravan, which will, in turn, drive the caravan tyres.

The caravan motor mover is operated by a 12-volt power battery. Although you can purchase motor movers with a bigger power source.

Why use a caravan motor mover

There are lots of really good reasons to use a caravan motor mover. The most common three are:

  • 1. Ease
  • 2. Restricted Space
  • 3. Accessibility

Caravan motor movers make your life easy

A caravan mover makes your life so much easier. Simply use the remote to effortlessly manoeuvre the caravan directly up to your hitch/pitch. Don’t work harder, work smarter.

Caravan motor movers can get you out of the tightest spaces

As caravan holidays get more popular, the caravan parks keep getting busier. Today, you are lucky if you get a couple of metres of space for your caravan when pitching up. With limited space at caravan parks, the caravan mover makes it easy to manoeuvre a caravan into tight spaces.

Caravan motor movers make caravanning accessible to all

You don’t need to be young and in really good shape to use a caravan anymore. The caravan mover takes all the stress and physical labour out of hitching/pitching up your caravan. Stand back and watch as the mover takes on all the hard work and your caravan glides into place. Great for all ages and fitness levels.

Are caravan movers simple to use?

Yes, caravan movers are super simple to use. When in operation, the caravan mover will shift the caravan at about 3 mph - that’s slower than walking speed. Plus, the basic remote controls offer you complete control over the direction of your caravan.

What do you need to consider before buying a caravan motor mover

Before you buy a caravan motor mover, there are four things that you need to consider. These are:

  • Twin or Single Axle Caravan
  • Weight of the Caravan
  • Battery Usage
  • Speed of the Caravan Motor Mover

Twin or Single Axle Caravan

Make sure you look at the axle specification on the caravan mover. Some caravan movers are designed to move either a single or twin axle caravan. However, modern caravan movers are designed to be interchangeable between single and twin axle caravans. Our recommendation would be to only buy ‘universal’ caravan motor movers.


Modern caravan movers must clearly advertise the maximum amount of weight a given mover can cope with moving. Please make sure your chosen caravan mover can safely manage the weight of your caravan. You will also need to consider the weight of the mover itself.

Please note: The weight of the mover needs to be added to your overall weight total so that your vehicle is not towing over its maximum towing capacity. Caravan movers typically add between 35-70 kg to the weight of your caravan.

Battery Usage

Caravan movers need a lot of power to move the caravan. For this reason, the mover will draw a lot of power from your caravan battery. Ensure two things:

  • Upgrade your caravan battery to at least 110Ah
  • Perform a visible inspection of the caravan battery before use

Speed of the Caravan Motor Mover

Caravan movers are very slow. If you buy a cheap, low-quality caravan mover you can expect to be manoeuvring your caravan for hours. Especially if you’re moving on uneven terrain. Buy a high-quality caravan mover to speed up the process.

How heavy is a caravan mover?

Caravan movers can vary in weight depending on the make and model of the mover. The lightest mover we stock is 25 kg and the heaviest is over 70 kg. You will need to ensure that you add this to your overall weight when checking that you're not over your maximum towing capacity.

Can I use an AL-KO wheel lock with a caravan mover?

Yes, all caravan movers stocked here at Ixplor are compatible with AL-KO wheel lock devices. In fact, caravan movers can make the fitting of an AL-KO wheel lock so much easier. Struggling to align the lock with the receptor behind can be a real pain when moving the caravan using a car. A caravan mover will allow you to make small adjustments to find the perfect angle to slide the AL-KO wheel lock into place.

Will a caravan mover work on steep terrain?

The high-quality caravan movers sold here at Ixplor can handle gradients of up to 20%. Please keep in mind the steeper the gradient, the more power needed to move the caravan (the same as driving up a hill). Ensure your car battery is in decent condition before operating a caravan mover on steep terrain.

Can I use a caravan mover to hitch up?

Yes, high-quality caravan movers offer precise movement, allowing you to easily position the hitch head over the towbar.

Are caravan movers safe?

Yes, caravan movers are completely safe. Moving at a top speed of 3 mph, it’s pretty hard to have any accidents at that speed. Plus, most caravan movers are built with several back up systems which ensure that your caravan does not move without you knowing.

How much do caravan movers cost?

Caravan movers vary in cost depending on the make and model of the motor. The higher the quality of caravan mover you buy, the easier and more precise it is to move your caravan. These are the average costs for a basic and premium caravan motor mover.

graphic showing caravan motor mover pricing

How do I get a caravan mover fitted?

Installing caravan movers can be quite dangerous for a novice. For this reason, we recommend having your caravan mover fitted by a professional.

To help you out, that's why we offer a fully fitted price - which means your caravan mover will be fitted by our approved UK Nationwide Fitting centre.

Simply choose the caravan mover best suited for you, enter your postcode and choose your preferred fitting date.

We will try our best to accommodate your chosen date and your mover can usually be fitted within 7 days of placing an order.

Click here to learn more and find the perfect mover for you.