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Bike Rack FAQs

Bike Rack FAQs

What is a Towbar Bike Rack?

Not to be confused with a towball mounted bike rack, the towbar bike rack version is fitted to the mounting plate of a flange type towbar.

What is a Rear Mounted Bike Rack?

Often one of the cheapest bike rack options available, rear mounted bike racks are attached to the rear of your vehicle using a variety of straps.

What is a Roof Mounted Bike Rack?

Roof mounted bike racks are attached to the roof bars on the top of your vehicle using a variety of clamps.

Are Bike Racks Safe?

All bike racks sold in the UK have to meet extreme safety testing measures.

Can Fitting a Bike Rack Affect my Insurance?

Always notify your insurance provider when fitting a bike rack to your car.

What is the maximum advised speed when using a bike rack?

When towing you are restricted to a maximum speed of 50mph on single carriageway roads and 60mph on dual carriageways and motorways. Do not exceed the speed limit.

What should I do if I lose a key for my bike carrier?

We offer replacement keys for all bike carriers.

I have a two bike rear rack. Could it be converted to a 3 bike rack?

Certain Westfalia models can be converted to a 3 bike carrier with an extension rail. Witter bike racks come as 3 bike versions but cannot be upgraded from one to the other.

How do I know which bike rack will fit my vehicle?

Towball, towbar and roof bike racks are universal fitting. This means that as long as you have a towbar or set of roof bars fitted, the bike rack will easily fit to your vehicle.

Rear mounted bike racks are a little different. As they use a variety of straps and clips, they will usually be vehicle specific.

Do I need a lighting board for my bike rack?

Your number plate and rear lights need to be legally visible at all times from all angles. If the bike rack obstructs the visibility of your lights or number plate, then you will need to purchase a lighting board and/or number plate.