MWAY Venom 460 Dark Roof Box

Product Code: ZMW5460
  • Mounting type - Railings
  • Max. payload [in kg] - 50
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The stylish MWAY5460 Venom Black Roof Box has a 460L capacity. It is easy to fit and with multiple fixing holes along the bottom of the roof box can suit any length of vehicle.

**The roofbox will take 4-5 working days for delivery.
- 460 L stylish black roof box
- Constructed from ABS materials
- Maximum load capacity 50Kg
- TUV / GS safety approved
- City Crash Test approved
- A roll bar at the front of the box will protect your contents when the cargo is moving forward unexpectedly
- Multiple fixing holes along the bottom of the roof box are designed to suit any length of vehicle
- Includes lashing straps to secure the load
- Central locking system with multi-point latch provides maximum security
- Aerodynamic design reduces wind noise
- Twin dynamic spring struts, stabilises the lid when open
- U-Bolts are supplied to fit the box to the roof bar (not included)
Mounting type Railings
Product title MWAY Venom 460 Dark Roof Box
Capacity (in Liter) 460
Weight [in kg] 20.5
Width [in mm] 790
Max. payload [in kg] 50
Length [in mm] 1980
Height [in mm] 370
Mounting Time up to [min] 60
Mounting Time from (minutes) 30
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